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Company Events, Social Events, Pageants,

Birthdays, Celebrations,

Fashion Shows, Fundraisers, Family Portraits,

Headshots, Landscapes, Real Estate





Recipients of the 'Influential Woman and Man in Arizona 2018' 

at the 12th Annual Celebration for Influential Women and Men in Arizona.  

Thank you Christianne Acosta and Influential Women and Men of Arizona directors.




Recipients of the prestigious 2018 Community Ambassador Award

from the Golden Rule Global Awards

by Dr. Clyde Rivers and Dr. Vernet Alin Joseph



Elena is the recipient of the prestigious 2018 'Ladies Leading A Legacy Award' from the Sisterhood Extravaganza






Recipients of the prestigious 2017 'Giving Heart Award'

from the Child & Family Resources, Inc.

Nominated for the 2018 Mayor's Arts Award 'Innovative Organization'

Nominated Photographer of the Year at the  2017 FAB Awards

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