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The most perfect pictures ever. To my beautiful photography family of Photos by Elena and Jim you two are THE MOST PHENOMENAL people on earth who just continue to unselfishly give and plant seeds at EVERY event you attend and share your photographic skills with. You are TRULY God's angels fulfilling His mission He has given to you wish is pouring into others in the form of BEAUTIFUL pictures that tell a story! I LOVE YOU all dearly and you know that includes Jeremy too! THANK YOU FOR RECORDING MY DREAM in living and beautiful color....GOD BLESS YOU with ALL that you deserve and more!

Beverly Brown, Founder Dreamsteerer Academe, Author, Speaker


The greatest two human beings in this artistry industry in all its forms. I had the honor of getting to know these two creatures who are walking among us in this so called artistry showbiz, the positiveness is pouring out around them and they are so amazing to collaborate and work with bc they are professionals to a halt. Your spirit brought calmness on set and every set you work on....Capturing moments, you and Jim Photos by Elena and Jim for all of us to remember our memories bc you are a special person and your husband Jim I can't thank you guys enough bc there is a huge place in our universe for people like you Elena and Jim......Your humbleness is contagious.

George Nemeh, Film Producer/Director


The phenomenal duo strikes again. Phenomenal work as always.  Thank you Photos by Elena and Jim!

Dr Vernet Alin Joseph, Ambassador | National Statesmen | Serial Entrepreneur | Speaker | Productivity Strategist | Veteran /  President at Gigare Lifestyle Magazine


Your photos are brilliant! I love how you capture personality and emotion!

Sari Roth Roemer, PhD , Intuitive Psychology, PLC


Thanks Jim and Elena Thornton for always capturing the world through your lens!

Karista Rose Harris


The photographer really captured the joy of the event perfectly. I could almost hear the children's laughter in the pictures!

Mia A Harris


Thank you very much for the gorgeous photos. You are an incredible talent.

Hera Hub Phoenix Founder, Shatha Barbour


Thank you so much for the gift of your talent that you gave each one of us!

Dr. Joel P. Martin PPW | Triad West Inc.


The hottest photographers in the valley!!!

Dr Will Moreland, CEO, Will Moreland International, LLC ;Top Selling Author, Speaker


Amazing power couple!!! Creative, talented photographers! Wonderful to work with, and very professional. Love them both soooo much..

Cindy Comer, actress/model


Lovely couple always giving to our community let’s support local photographers love this amazing couple Elena and Jim thank you for all that you do!

Christianne Acosta Former Miss Arizona, Founder, Influential Women and Men in Arizona

Aside from being incredibly kind, caring, and giving, Elena and Jim are beyond fantastic photographers! They not only produce stellar photos of people, but they capture the little moments that make each event so memorable. Their amazing portfolio of work speaks for itself. Brilliant!

Laine Seaton, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations at Arizona Science Center


Love their work. Great people and.... great photographs.

Byron Roman


These are two of the most talented photographers that I have ever known. Their ability to capture truly candid moments is phenomenal and their eye for detail blows me away. If you have the opportunity to hire then, I strongly suggest that you do so because they are two of the best in Arizona!

Tammy Price, singer/musician


Elena and Jim are a dynamic photography couple! Talented, Kind, Generous and Caring. They shoot from the heart- I love that about them.

Monique LeCompte Bontrager, Philanthropist 


These two are as talented as they are tireless. Amazing human beings as well.

Katie OConnor, Educator 


For events Elena & Jim are now my go-to recommendations! They are the cavalry shooters while I'm the old sniper shooter lol. Good people!

Scott Hays,  Visual Media Consultant at Scott Hays Photography & Media Production


Elena, A talented elegant women , with a huge gift!

Camille Ann Write ,  Philanthropist


You always capture such beautiful moments. Thank you again.

Teri Tobin, award-winning, soul singer/songwriter


Elena, thanks for the capture. Love it!

Yulanda Gilliam, PBY Media, Photographer, Videographer


Elena, you've got that photo talent as seen in all the pictures.

Carolyn Fisher


Thank you for being the magic that you are.

Niki Woehler, Award Winning Fine Artist 

“These pictures are amazing! We are so blessed to know you and to have you as the official WOWOB Launch Party photographer!”

Wendy McClellan, Founder, WOWOB


Thank you and Jim for all the beautiful pictures. You are truly a professional team.

Bella Denise Ceballos-Vee,  Gran Gala Dominicana Events


Elena and James work in the most dynamic way as a duo. Unlike any other shoot I've ever done.

Very appreciative for their talent and friendship.

Tyler Butler, Founder and Principal, 11Eleven Consulting


As usual, Elena Thornton and Jim provided touching documentation of this amazing event and the connections being made.

THANK YOU for all your hard work and generous support of #TEDxFH!

Dana Chiordi, Broker/ Realtor at DPR Realty Phoenix


Amazing job with the photos at the Premiere, thank you so much for everything! Keep up the great work! Always love seeing you and all the fabulous masterpieces you create! Thanks for all you do to support the film/fashion/photography industry.

Bobbi Jeen Olson - TV Host, Model, Stunt Woman, Ms. US Ambassador FoRe She's Gone Country w/the CB Cowgirls


Thanks for capturing the moment, as only you and Jim ever could. It looks great!

Sara Alexander, Edward Jones


Those photos are a work of art -

Carmella Dodge, Owner/Chef at  Carmella Savory Fare 

"Thank you so much for the beautiful photos taken at the MCAP graduation. I cried when I saw them. They are filled with such emotion and truly captured the pride of the young women and their achievements."
Lydia Medina, Founder of the MCAP Child & Family Resources

"Thanks a billion for capturing the moments. Among thousands of significant moments, we can only revisit some through the photographs. A photographer's efforts is the true gift and you have done it beautifully.
Farhana Shifa, Vice-president for the Phoenix Asian-American Lion's Club

We love you both so much! Thank you for your thoughtfulness, love and support. Words cannot express how much we appreciate you! The photos are amazing and so are YOU!!!  

Tonya Denise Allen, Founder, Triumph Over Tragedy Pageant


Thank you Elena, you are an amazing photographer!

Gia Heller, CEO, The Social Media Masters  


Thanks Elena, fantastic photos! Thanks for capturing the night!

Stephanie J. Castillo,  Emmy – winning Film Director


Elena is a keeper and her husband, too.  I will work with her again sometime.

Eileen Bailey, KidsRead USA


Elena, these are just wonderful, great photos, I'm thrilled! 

Thank you for your professional photos and being so marvelous to work with. 

Linda Herold, President, Herold Enterprises, Herold Studio, Identity Arts


Thank you my dear Elena, your lens never fails....and make us, oh, so, pretty!

Oscar De Las Salas, Design, Architecture, Interiors


Thank you Elena Thornton!!! You make amazing art!! Xoxox

Thank you so much for taking the fabulous pictures!!! Much love to you!!! xoxoxox

Deborah Stone Bateman, President at Deborah Bateman LLC


Elena Thornton you are amazing! all the photos that you and Jim took were amazing!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Christianne Acosta, Influential Women Of Arizona


Thank you SO much for capturing this wonderful evening and all its special moments and attendees.

What a gift you are!!!!

Cindy Christi - On-Air Personality, Multi-Media Producer at CXI Media | Integrated Marketing Strategies


I've always been impressed with your work. I never have to look at the photo.

I know your attention to detail. THIS photo blows me away. YOU are INCREDIBLE!

Christina Wagner, Your Business Ambassador; Valley Voice Magazine


You magically capture the love in people's souls. 

Randy Scott, filmstar productions


Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures you have shared with me....lifetime memories because of your amazing gifted heart. Love you!

Maria Rodrigues


Great pictures from our event last night Cabernet and Collaboration. Thank you Elena Thornton for the pictures. Elena is a great event photographer.

MaryLynne Christman; Event Planner


You are an amazing photographer. Great pictures! Thank you so much.



Photographer to the stars you are.

DJ Private


Just thankful of your awesome work.



Awesome!  Thank you, as always!!!

Angie Richerson – Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce


Thanks so much Elena.  I love the photos.

Clarisse Ringwald, Image Consultant


Thank you for the pictures! There are tons of them.  I'm loving what I see. What a great shoot it was. 

Thank you a thousand times over. 

Shera - Be Exotic Elite Style (BEES)


Awesome job tonight and thank you for shooting.

John Bronson CEO, PACC - PACC- The Pro Athlete & Business Network 


Those are GREAT pictures . They look AWESOME!  Thank you so much for doing this... It was greatly appreciated!

Bridges Conner, Owner & Founder/ Get Organized with Bridges and CO


Thank you again for all you do and all you are!! You are a precious Gift!!

Gail Phoenix – singer/musician


I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you and Jim for being at the graduation and for taking such AMAZING photos!  You both have such an incredible talent. We thank you so much for giving your time to do this for us.

The photos are AWESOME! I can’t wait to share them with everyone. You are the best!

Laine Seaton, CFRE, Development Officer, Child & Family Resources, Inc


All photos are great!

Lizeth Loya, Executive L.A./Public Relations CEO / Law Office of Zayed Al-Sayyed, PLLC


Oh my gosh I'm in tears! I love them SO much! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! You're the best ever! 

Emily Chin


I looked through the photos, they look great! Thanks much

Kristyn Kozar, Communications & Policy Coordinator, Arizona Citizens for the Arts


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